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Production R&D Quality Assurance


  • Quality Management System Certification
    TOPPLO has passed the ISO9001-2005,ISO14001-2015,ISO18001-2007,IATF16949:2016 and other quality and management system certification.
  • Laboratory and Related Facilities
    TOPPLO owns first-class laboratory and related facilities and equipment. Experienced laboratory personnel test TOPPLO products in strict accordance with relevant industry standards to ensure that all TOPPLO products strictly comply with relevant regulations. At present, the company's laboratory has passed the Japanese VIA certification.
  • Product Quality Certification
    TOPPLO products have passed a lot of quality certification required by most of the international markets, including Germany T ü V, Japan VIA / JWL, USA SAE / DOT , which can ensure that the products will meet the certification and quality requirements of the local market.
  • X-Ray Detection
    The X-ray machine can detect the internal defects (cracks, porosity, inclusions, etc.) of the semi finished product quickly and accurately, and then these products can be located, evaluated and diagnosed to ensure the excellent quality of the wheels.
  • Online Automatic Balance Inspection
    After cleaning and drying,the wheel will be automatically balanced and tested. 100% of the workpiece is fully inspected and divided to ensure that the qualified products flow into the next process.
  • Automatic Helium Leak Inspection
    According to the OE requ-irements of Japanese Series cars, TOPPLO is equipped with an advanced two position helium leak detector, which can automatically detect 100% helium leak on the wheels, and automatically split OK products and NG products to ensure that no defective products will enter the next process.
  • Automatic Balance deflection Inspection
    100% of the products will be automatically inspected by the automatic balancing deflection machine, and the defective products and the good products will be automatically separated.
  • Final inspection
    Appearance control of the finished product: 100% inspection of the appearance of the finished product to ensure that the appearance of the product has no defective products flowing into the customer.
  • Final Inspection
    1.Paint Membrance Inspecting; 2.Paint Hardness Inspecting; 3.Coating Adhesion Inspecting
  • Three Tests
    Bending test,Impact test and Fatigue test are the three most basic tests for wheel safety inspection. Through adding 10-20% more value on “JWL VIA” standard, TOPPLO tests its products to ensure the safety performance of wheels.(dynamic cornering fatigue test;dynamic radial fatigue test;impact test)
  • Metallographic
    To check the Metarial inside organisation crystals
  • Salt spraying test
    Salt spraying test
  • Tensile
    To check products' tensile strength and elongation rate by tensile machine

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