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  • Honored as a High-tech Enterprise
    The company continues to explore in the fields of wheel lightweight, new materials and new processes; as a scientific and technological innovation enterprise, TOPPLO has invested heavily in product research and development for many years, innovated in technology, process, design and other fields, and obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate in July 2017.
  • Production, Study and Research Cooperati...
    In cooperation with Hefei University of technology, TOPPLO has established the TOPPLO Production, Study and Research Cooperation Base / Postdoctoral Programme workstation led by Professor Du Xiaodong, which is dedicated to the research on material and process improvement of automobile aluminum alloy wheels.
  • Scientific Research
    TOPPLO and Hefei University of technology hold annual meeting, regular and non-regular seminars.
  • R&D New Wheels
    The research team has also participated in the design and development of wheel of CHANGAN SHENGQI F30, RUIXING S50 and F90, KANGDI VISION X3 electric vehicle ,Malaysia PROTON PERSONA,IRIZ,SAGA and other brands,and the work performance has been highly praised by the automobile manufacturers.
  • Proprietary Technology
    TOPPLO has accumulated nearly 40 invention patents including The Maufacturing Technology of high strength,High heat dissipation alloy wheel, The Manufacturing technology of high performance wheel mould and One lightweight design of automobile wheel construction in recent years.
  • R&D team
    TOPPLO have one high-quality, young, dynamic and professional research team, attracting more than 80 engineers and technicians. And 20 engineers of them are professional in R & D. The technical center consists of product design, product development, process development and project management departments. The R & D team has a deep understanding of the development and trend of the wheel industry.
  • Facilities and Equipment
    TOPPLO has successively introduced CAD, UG, CATIA, ideas and other advanced system development software to carry out pattern design, simulation analysis, etc., which can provide guarantee for product design and personalized product development.
  • Custom Service
    According to the different requirements of specific customers, TOPPLO divides the R & D process into six stages DR0-5 (design review).

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