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Production Scenario

  • Professional Manufacturing
    TOPPLO owns multiple sets of advanced equipment and facilities which are famous brands from America, Taiwan, and Japan for wheel production and inspection. In order to ensure efficiency and social responsibility, the process of production within TOPPLO is strictly operated according to the Standard TS16949, and conformed to the implementation of lean production and total quality management of 4M1E (man, machine, material, method, environment).
  • Low Pressure Casting Machines
    TOPPLO currently has 38 casting machines, including 30 low-pressure casting machines, 8 gravity casting machines. The annual production capacity can reach 3 million pieces.
  • Gravity Casting Machines
    8 gravity casting machines.
  • Automatic Heat Treatment
    The length of the heat treatment line is 70 meters. The frame less heat treatment furnace is used and the shaping treatment is carried out after heat treatment to ensure that the internal performance of each wheel can meet the standard.
  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace
    The heat treatment furnace use advanced technical measures such as high-speed temperature regulating combustion system, full sealing structure, combustion automatic control system and furnace temperature and furnace pressure automatic control system. The comprehensive energy saving is more than 42%.
  • CNC
    The brand of CNC equipment which TOPPLO use is YUANDONG, which is very famous and high-end in the industry. Twenty one lines in total in Phase I and II factory ensure the annual capacity of 3 million pieces.
  • Large Size Processing Machine
    TOPPLO can do wheels from size 8'' to 32'' to meet different customer's requirements.
  • Fully Automatic Painting Line
    The operation of the painting production line adopts the ground reverse stacking and conveying system, which can realize the process requirements of three spraying and one baking, three spraying and two baking. The protection and decoration of the product surface can meet the requirements of different customers.
  • Automatic Manipulator
    The key processes are operated by manipulator to ensure the stability and accuracy.

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